We were nervous about bringing in an outsider

Our small, unique, 4th generation family manufacturing business is precious to us. My business partner brothers and I were nervous about bringing in an outsider to help us visualise and rationalise a workable succession plan. Encouraged by glowing reviews we cautiously approached Anita. When I met with her, she rapidly put me at my ease and I was soon to realise the reviews were spot on. She was quick to grasp many of the complexities and intricacies not only of our quite unique business but also the wider family dynamics at play; such a key factor.

The Partners had recognised the need for change but had been struggling to find a way forward. Anita’s arrival on the scene has given the process much needed momentum. I felt Anita took a great personal interest in us and our business. She is a careful listener and her approach gentle and extremely positive, yet she is not afraid to be very frank when she feels it necessary. Remarkably she seems to have time for everyone; always approachable, she emphasises that her ‘door is always open’ to her clients.

Shareholder, 4th generation Manufacturing Company