Non-Executive Director


What is a Non-Executive Director?

A Non-Executive Director (NED) is an independent person who sits on your Board but isn’t part of your Executive team. They won’t typically get involved with day-to-day operations but instead are there to offer their expertise and guidance on the big picture – your overall strategy for the business. You might have multiple NEDs with different specialisms (i.e finance, marketing, sales, manufacturing etc) as well as those with broader business experience.

How can Anita help you?

  • Uniquely, Anita is a specialist in working with family businesses. That means she understands (and can work with) the quirky dynamics of family firms whilst also focussing on the growth of the business
  • She has over 20 years’ experience guiding independent business through some of their most challenging times (and coming out the other side)
  • Anita has a broad understanding of business including barriers to growth, people problems and marketing
  • With integrity she will challenge the Board when appropriate and act as the voice of reason
  • She is warm and approachable – people of all ages, positions and backgrounds feel comfortable in working with her
  • She will work side-by-side with you as a guide and mentor so you’re not alone
  • Available on the phone whenever you need her

How does it work?

  • Anita will join your Board meetings (monthly or quarterly) and give her advice, guidance and recommendations
  • She’ll help tackle any challenges you’re facing
  • Anita will support you in implementing any changes/ideas from the Board meeting
  • She will spend additional days working with you if you need it