Business matters

Strategy for growth

As the leader of your business, it’s vital that you can take a step away from the day-to-day running of the firm and focus on a future strategy for growth. Anita will work with you to cement your proposition and values, identify ways to increase revenue from existing customers, discover new and exciting innovations/opportunities/markets and, most importantly, put together a sustainable (and achievable) strategy for achieving world domination.

Effective sales & marketing

Do you just keep doing what you’ve always done because you’re too afraid, or don’t know how, to change it? Is your marketing limping along from one month to the next without giving you any real results? A bit of social media here and there, the odd sporadic e-shot, a letter campaign when you get time, a tired old website? In this day and age, that’s simply not good enough. Anita will help you implement a vibrant, dynamic marketing strategy throughout the whole year.  Your phones will be ringing with enquiries, you’ll be the name on everyone’s lips and people will approach YOU wanting to do business.

Developing your team

As entrepreneurs we’re all guilty of trying to do everything. As your business grows, the single most important thing you can invest in are fantastic people who are best in class.  People who will live and breath your brand, people who will be proud to act as ambassadors for your company and seek out new opportunities, people who understand the dynamics of working in a family business (which can sometimes be less than conventional). Anita will get to know your team, work with those who aren’t getting on board, identify areas for fresh blood and transform them from ‘just’ employees to real champions for your family business.

Preparing business for sale/exit

There may come a time when you’re ready to step away from the business but you don’t know what you’re options are. Anita can come and talk to you about passing it down to the next generation (if there is one), selling it to your staff, a trade sale, merging with another company or perhaps setting up a management team to run the company whilst you still own it. There are so many options but it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you and want you want to do next.