Nepotism – so what?

It’s rare when someone gets the opportunity to talk about their family business that we get to know the person they really are. Recently I listened to a talk where the speaker, a family member, mesmerised us with ‘Me and my Aspergers’ This is an amazing man who left corporate employment to join his family business because he was fed up of being bullied, belittled and thought of as strange. He has high functioning autism – that means he is a genius! He told his story: Finding my way, proving the sceptics wrong, the love of my life, my big break, parenthood, getting diagnosed, joining the family business, the benefits of autism, the future, helping others, practicing mindfulness and being around positive people. He had a few wobbles, was articulate, we listened. He spoke of his success and how he flourished in the family business environment. By merit, he is the IT expert, dealing with internal IT, troubleshooting and managing clients. His autism he said was a benefit – he is totally focussed on the job at hand and won’t let go until it is finished and perfect. Wow, that’s what I call quality control – in this day and age – priceless!