Walk a mile in my shoes

I spent the weekend with a very dear friend of over 45 years. We had a blast. It was an extraordinary time as we both run our own family businesses and snatch a coffee or lunch maybe a couple of times a year. She is passionate about her business which has escalated beyond recognition and she is a leading light in her sector. I’m so proud of her achievements. The business is growing at a rapid pace and she is on it literally 24/7, 365. A total inspiration. I love her to bits and we talked about her business and the challenges as you do.

My business is a membership, events and consultancy one and hers is in manufacturing. At one point she got very annoyed with me and said how on earth could I ever imagine what she did, the plates she spins, the amount of staff she is responsible for, the competitive nature of TV and the amount of money she has to make to keep the business afloat. Of course she was right. You have to walk a mile in someones shoes …… lesson learned.

We did however speak about the important things we have both experienced, the ups and downs and downs and ups. You get the picture. But there are a few things we absolutely share that are vital to our well-being as entrepreneurs. REPUTATION is everything and the bigger you get, the harder it is to maintain throughout the entire workforce. TRUST is a rarity, but we are lucky that in a family business its a given with our family members. And JOY which is what we both have in spades.

I love her comments here:

‘As you go through life, there will be good days and what I prefer to think of as growing days. Sometimes, when the odds are stacked against you, and there seem to be more growing days than good ones, there is always the temptation to throw the towel in, walk away or even lash out. What I would say to my beautiful children is simply that


Don’t you just love that!