Time Honoured Skills: The Rarest of Finds

What is it about luxury goods that make us want, desire, covet and admire them? Is it the rareness of the wood, leather, metals, or the unique craftsmanship or recipe handed down through the generations? Is it knowing if you need to know the price, you can’t afford it? Is it the secret network of suppliers to trusted makers? Is it the name of the brand and knowing you can be part of the inner circle if you were just able to get your hands on it? Of course it is all of these things and more. But above all is that luxury is based on TRUST, LOVE, PASSION, KNOWLEDGE AND KINDNESS.

We trust that the products are made with authentic materials, of the highest quality and from the rarest of finds. We know that each and every masterpiece was made with love which oozes out of every grain, cloth, gemstone, casket and glass. Passion is in your DNA and you can’t live without a passion for your craft, come rain or shine, good times and bad. When putting your mark on a piece, each one is an investment of your knowledge and skills over several years, therefore you know that it was created and will be received with love. Most people don’t have the stomach for it in this easy come easy go world we live in.  And finally, luxury is produced only as a result of the kindness afforded to the family behind the brand, the way they treat each other, praise and nurture their people who in turn, gift this emotion to their customers.

Family businesses have been supplying luxury goods since the earliest of times and continue to hand their knowledge and craft skills through the generations. Boodles, Bremont, Chivas Bros, Russell & Bromley, Fortnum & Maston, Clive Christian, Sliver Fleet Boats, Lobb, Ettinger, Capstar Chauffeurs, The Goring, Le Gavroche, Bovey Castle, Britain & Co, Scott Dunn, Walkers Shortbreads, Highgrove, Floris, Johnstons of Elgin, James Purdey & Sons, and John Smedley are just a tiny sample of contemporary as well as multigenerational family owned enterprises that provide the world with some of the most iconic British made brands around the globe. And it is no coincidence the UK produces 10 of the worlds top 50 luxury brands in sales.

Luxury branded products come from a sense of place. The most valuable whisky from Scotland; world class cheese from Yorkshire, hand-made leather goods from Walsall, Glass from Devon, Gold from Wales, bespoke yachts from Dorset and the finest woollen-wear from Ireland. And more often than not they are thriving family owned enterprises.

Big is certainly not beautiful, it can be bijoux and priceless.