One of the highlights of our National Family Business Conference this year was the talk from Lord Bilimoria founder of Cobra Beer. The theme of the event was ‘GRIT’. What does it take to get up in the morning and put one foot in front of the other in the face of adversity – be it through health, financial crisis, reputation meltdown and the like. Here is a man who has faced many challenges that would thwart other mere humans. He has fathomed, fixed, adapted and not just survived, but flourished to such an extend he is on a global brand trajectory.

Key to his success is his phrase ‘Humbitious’ I love it. This is where ‘a humble attitude meets ambition’. This so resonates with me and I expect with many others. I have also learned that especially when you have lost everything and there are dark days; there are those out there, friends, family, mentors, who come out of the woodwork, wanting to help in any way they can to get you back on to your feet. This experience in turn becomes part of your own DNA and fills you with the confidence and determination not just to come right, but to go further than you every thought possible. His three pillars for success are:

Simple stuff you may think, but hard to achieve and we know it may take a lifetimes work. I think it worthwhile holding a mirror and being honest with yourself when answering these questions. Without these three pillars there is no business worth having. In family business we can control these things much more than in a large corporate. We innately surround ourselves with those we trust – we know our brands are unique and often have been strengthened through the generations and finally we can make a deal on a handshake and look our customers and suppliers in the eye.

If you struggle with any of these thoughts, then do get in touch. Helping family enterprises discover their hidden gem of a brand is what I do.