Hey wonderful girls!

On 15 July we held our newly branded The National Family Business Awards 2017. We gathered together in our hundreds to reflect, celebrate and recognise the very best that UK and Ireland family run enterprises have to offer. Indeed they contribute in total around £1.3 trillion to the UK and Irish economy and employ over 12.5 million jobs – wowza! See the pics here!

However, we were not only there to celebrate the success of all of these wonderful family businesses. They are indeed awesome, everyone is a Champion and should be proud of their achievements.

We know how hard it is combining family with business, putting everything on the line. The ups are truly fantastic and the downs can be horrendous and often heartbreaking. What makes us different is how we stand shoulder to shoulder with family and friends through the tough times, as well as the good. And encourage each other to pick up the pieces and bounce back with true grit and determination.

This year, we have been really struck by the adverse difficulties faced by one of our fabulous family businesses. They nearly lost everything (haven’t we all been there!) because of unforeseen circumstances beyond their control; in a market always under scrutiny. We kept in touch to give our support and show we care. Needless to say, the team have come through this traumatic time even stronger, more determined to succeed …… with oodles of style.

At The National Family Business Awards, we had the honour of presenting our Family Business Place Special Recognition Award to the brilliant, wonderful amazing Titans, Maggie Carter and Jenny Whitham of Award Winning Patchwork Pate of Wales.

#HugeRespect #Survivors #VivaFamilyBusiness #Determinationinthefaceofadversity