Have we lost sight of our original vision?

As founders of our business we know our purpose. We are driven and trade our wares on the back of a handshake and looking in the whites of each others eyes. We believe in quality, craftsmanship, expertise, customer service. For the next generation it’s important that we revisit our vision and allow them to bring their aspirations to it too. For us to regroup, re-evaluate and build a future that can be shared amongst the rest of rest of the family and our people.  They are after all, what makes us who we are; the way we do things and believing in what’s important.

We call it the ‘family factor’. Aligning the values of the family within the business is key to unlocking and resolving issues and promoting a new found excitement. Openness, collaboration, trust, flexibility, fairness, inclusivity, leadership, share of voice, truth, cohesion and communications are important in equal measure.

‘It’s been wonderful seeing the business grow and being able to give opportunities to my three children. I hope they don’t feel obliged to join the family firm – sometimes I wonder if they just don’t want to hurt my feelings’

It takes time, courage and a strong sense of self to allow others bring their ideas to the table. We can help you make a plan where everyone can have their input, buy into the new vision and engage at a deeper level to make it happen. What a journey this could be!

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